Fester (1996)

By James Moats in Greensburg, PA

this is my time where i do what i do
i'm in my prime and i'm telling you
this does not sit well

you've seen yours through and made good use
well i can't understand at all but it's yours to choose
and that does not sit well

tell me the truth man
wouldn't you be afraid to
give the upper hand
to someone like you

i've seen her good as well as the rest
with her open arms and naked breasts
and that does not sit well

just forget what the past shows forget what you know
its not hard to ignore whats happened before
it will shame you with red face it tends to embarrass
look ahead to the future it doesn't get much better does it

i gave you my secrets and lies i did sell
i'm here to tell you that it does not sit well


1995 - Fester
in Greensburg, PA on boombox with no drums
Added 04/07/2004


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