2 Years In The South (2001)

James Mosheen

A compilation of 4-track recordings from my first (you guessed it) two years in the south (1996-1998.) Most songs are recorded on a real drum set with all the charm and personality that a 4-track, a Shure 57, and a beginner's drum set (complete with TWO cracked cymbals) all packed into a 9 x 9 bedroom can offer.

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Track listing

1. Calling Clifford Miracle
2. Fire Fly
3. Becomes The Wind
4. Generations' Proof
5. Olive Drab
6. Mosquitos Bite
7. Bronzed Styler
8. Oi-ho
9. Enemy
10. (Big Rock) Wax Moth
11. Riddle Me This
12. Parting Gift
13. Paradox
14. Sink or Swim
15. (Wearing Out) Wearing Thin
16. Skull Bong
17. Weird On Top
18. I Could Wish
19. Altima Bud-Get
20. Better Still