Yes, Mayhem (2010)

Yes, Mayhem

Music written by Dan Taylor and lyrics by James Moats.

This is Dan's first solo album and of course, he piled on every talented person he could find:

"This album is a love letter to all my bandmates, past and present.

The bass and drums were recorded at Dan's and Kevin's houses, while all other contributors recorded themselves at their respective houses and transferred them in the form of ones and zeros back to Dan through a series of tubes. Grant mastered (masterfully) all the tracks and also put down some brutal and not so brutal guitars.

Contributors include:
Dan Taylor - bass, guitar, keyboard, hand claps, audio collage
James Moats - vocals, guitar, percussion, sequencing
Grant Henry - guitar
Kevin Lawrence - drums
Jason Cox - crapparatus, wurlitzer, accordion
Ryan Stern - guitar
Dan Behrens - guitar
Julian Martlew - slide guitar
Pledger Fretwell - guitar
George Nowik - keyboard

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Track listing

1. Release
2. Naked Fight
3. Neatomatter
4. Corporate Rock
5. Tessellating
6. Reliable
7. Nine To Six
8. Sunday Best
9. Fevered Egos
10. Whore Shoes
11. Take 2
12. Victim